Field Sites


The Real Time Hydrology group currently manages some eddy covariance stations composed of multiple sensors, some for the measurement of turbulent flows (a sonic anemometer and a CO2/H2O analyzer ), other ones for the measurement of the radiative fluxes useful for the integration of ground measured data with those obtained from satellite in the framework of hydrological balance modelling (a rain gauge , a hygrometer , a net radiometer sensors, infrared surface temperature of the soil , two heat flux self- calibrating plates, two pairs of temperature sensors , a multi-level TDR soil moisture sensor able to perform continuous measurements to depths of 010 , 0.20 , 0.30 and 0.50 m ) . The latend and sensible heat fluxes are obtained by the estimation of the covariance of the turbulent components acquired at high frequency ( 20 Hz) , while the micro -meteorological data are acquired at a low frequency (1 Hz ) .


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