Best Poster Award at 6th IAHR Europe Congress

The 6th IAHR Europe Congress was held in Warsaw, Poland on February 15-18, 2021 and we participated with a research titled “Supercritical flow in curved tunnels”, below is reported the abstract of our work.

Tunnels with large radius curvature and horseshoe cross-section are characteristic in dams emergency outlets. Nevertheless, the hydraulic behaviour of this kind of structure, often defined by supercritical flow, is not completely described in literature since most of the approaches are dedicated to open channels and rectangular cross-sections. Therefore, this work aims to analyze the main characteristics of the flow behaviour in hydraulic tunnels with wide curvatures and horseshoe cross-section. This study, supported by measurements in a discharge tunnel’s physical model, provides empirical relationships and graphs that allow the calculation of the profile superelevation coefficient and the coefficient of curve resistance for energy losses. Results indicate that the coefficient of curve resistance decreases non-linearly with increasing velocities and the superelevation phenomenon is more evident when the discharges are smaller.

Our contribution was the winner of the Best Poster Award.

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