Stakeholders meeting “Innomed” Project

A virtual second INNOMED project (Innovative option for water resources management in the Mediterranean) stakeholder meeting was organized by the Italian partners (CNR-ISAFOM and the POLIMI) on November 10th 2020. The stakeholder meeting was attended by two leading institutions in Calabria region, the Multi-Risk Functional Centre of the Regional Agency for Environment Protection of the Calabria region and the Sila National Park Agency.

The meeting was coordinated by Dr. Antonella Veltri from CNR-ISAFOM and began with the institutional greetings from the director Dr. Marina Bufacchi , the director of the Arpacal Multi-Risk Functional Center Ing. Eugenio Filice, and the director of the Sila National Park Authority Eng. Domenico Cerminara. This was followed by the interventions of Dr. Santiago Beguería (researcher Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicase, project leader), who presented an overview of the activities of the “INNOMED” project, by Eng. Tommaso Caloiero (Cnr-Isafom researcher), who described the experimental site of the Bonis basin where the project activities were carried out. Afterwards, Eng. Mouna Feki (research fellow at the Politecnico di Milano) illustrated the experimental campaigns conducted on the basin. Finally, Eng. Giovanni Ravazzani (professor at the Politecnico di Milano) described the project results obtained on the effects of climate change on forest growth.
The meeting ended with a fruitful discussion between stakeholders and project partners.

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